There’s a new hero coming to the streets of Closers next week. According to his bio, he grew up “without the niceties of society” and he’s got a “foul mouth running rampant.” Ooh, edgy!

Nata is his name, and he’s a melee combatant who uses chained kukris (daggers) in close-quarters combos and long-range sweeps. According to his biographical page, his hobbies include reading and revenge, which sounds like quite the mix. “Hmm, do I want to curl up with a good book tonight? Nah, I’d rather hunt down my enemies.”

You’ll be able to pick up Nata’s starter pack for the price of 2,990 EMP before launch, a price that will increase to 3,490 EMP after launch. And when will he be added to the game? A look at the announcement page gives conflicting dates in the headline and the first line of text. The videos stick with the Feb. 21 date in the headline, so we’ll go with that. Probably.


  1. Hey there, thanks for the clarification. I’m not familiar with the game, and the page made it sound like you have to pay for the character by only mentioning the prices for his two starter packs. I’ve edited the article to match.

  2. this is why you go to school and not be a “gaming journalist” for a dead genre, learn to read instead of glancing over articles, you don’t unlock new characters with emp

  3. The Price, is for the Nata Starter pack. Characters are free, the starter pack just gives you some nice extras like cosmetics, potions, etc.


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