It was one wild weekend for SMITE fans. With the SMITE World Championships (SWC) underway, new maps being revealed, cosplayers galore, and so much more going on at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center in Atlanta, I’d be amazed if anyone in attendance actually slept.

When the dust settled though, Cognitive Prime defeated Titan in a stunning 3-2 set of matches to take home the over $1.3 million prize.

Matches and money aside, Hi-Rez Studios also dropped a new conquest map reveal, unleashed the new Hou Yi god cinematic, and gave attendees some hands on time with the XBox One version of SMITE due out later this year.

You can check out the full playlist of SWC reveals here, and if you missed COO Todd Harris’ cosplay parody of the classic “Michael Bolton/Jack Sparrow” clip from Saturday Night Live, then you missed a pretty hysterical performance.

I’ll just leave this video right here…

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  1. The new Conquest map looks stunning, I was truly speechless watching the stream during it’s reveal. And the SWC Finals, no one could’ve asked for a better one! Cog Prime, as expected, won the first 2 matches in a row, somehow Titan managed to win the next 2, it was so close, the 3rd one – the crowd’s favorite, Cog Prime went risk-free and steady towards the win that ended with a massacre. Truly could’ve have asked for a better tournament, unlike the embarrassing launch tournament, the SWC was legendary

    • Couldn’t have said it better Quazer. The new smite map is simply epic, the Phoenix’s are beautiful. I thought the SWC was gonna be terrible after the first 2 matches COG Prime dominated them. The third game was the most intense and I was hoping for Titan to win just to make the show better. I was shitting my pants with some of the plays Titan was making and all and all it was worth the watch and glad I watched it through to the end.


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