Conqueror’s Blade Unlocks The Ultimate Season II Prize Tonight: Conqueror’s City


It might have been slightly delayed due to the coronavirus threat, but Conqueror’s City is going live today in Booming Games and My.Games’ Conqueror’s Blade. This massive and fortified city sits at the heart of the Borderlands and represents a tempting prize for all houses willing to take a shot at capturing it.

The conquest of the city will proceed in stages. First, a house must capture one of its outer gates — the Gate of Heaven, Gate of Earth, Gate of Glory, or Gate of Order — before they can target the main city itself. The house that holds it at the end of Season II will earn the title “Hegemon” for its members, along with all the usual rewards for taking territory that go with it, which will likely be very high for such an esteemed prize.

While the Conqueror’s City is available for capture starting today, it should be noted that tonight’s Territory Wars will be conducted in Drill Mode, a kind of “practice” mode that indicates that territories that are captured will revert back to their original owners at the end of the night. The next Territory Wars, scheduled for Saturday, should be “for keeps,” as usual.

Learn more about the Conqueror’s City on the Conqueror’s Blade website.


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