As part of the ongoing Dirty Bomb beta, Nexon America has dropped an all new update entitled “The Containment War.” The update features a new mercenary, full implementation of the Execution Mode, and additional maps.

Set in London in 2020, the Dirty Bomb takes place after a disaster that left the city abandoned. Players assemble a team of mercenaries and explore London and battle for the control of it.

More information on The Containment War is available on the Dirty Bomb website.

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  1. NarCurse on October 27, 2015

    Cool thanks for the info QuintLyn 🙂

  2. Sarido on October 26, 2015

    What’s Execution mode? Why am I reading this if you’re just gona point me to Dirty Bomb website lol.

    • Artosis on October 27, 2015

      What else do you expect from another sellout pathetic gaming site. Plus it is a girl and we all know they are brain dead

      • Sephiroth on October 29, 2015

        If it’s that bad and you like to call women brain dead then why are you even here ? you must have been turned down by more women than you have asked or your just 1 sad loner who prefer the company of men.