If there was one super power I have fantasized about since I was a wee young gamer, it would have to be the power to control time. I mean think about it, no more traffic delays, infinite time to learn new things, the ability to steal someones ice-cream out of their hands without them noticing, the possibilities are limitless! So it’s no wonder I was intrigued to hear of Kill3rCombo’s latest class in Elsword. A witch not only capable of controlling time, but who could also augment the space around her as well. Talk about a winning combination.

The Dimension Witch marks Elsword’s latest class addition during Kill3rCombos transformation Evolution series. The summer long series has each character in Elsword receiving a new class specializations. Aisha, Elsword’s mage character is set to receive her class update called the Dimension Witch tomorrow, July 17th. The Dimension Witch acts as an enhanced version of Aisha’s current level 15 Battle Magician class, retaining many of the Battle Magician’s melee abilities, but also gaining the use of spatial magic.

The ability to control space is what truly sets the Dimension Witch apart from the Battle Magician, as the DW can pull enemies towards her in order to neutralize their attacks. The Dimension Witch also happens to be one of the most agile of the new classes, possessing enhanced teleportation skills which grant her unmatched mobility.

Elsword still has four more classes to reveal before the Evolution series is complete. To find out more information on the Dimension Witch or any of the other Evolution class updates, be sure to head on over to the official Elsword site.

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  1. Jellopy on July 18, 2013

    Ah, rather hand to hand skills not just melee, I like monk and brawler classes in any game that has them.

  2. Jellopy on July 18, 2013

    Decent game but this isn’t a new concept and I think DCUO does the space-time thing a bit better, the only thing i notice much different from her and the standard magician character on elsword is she slows projectiles and can teleport in a all directions instead of just forward and back so this could have easily been another class branch mod instead of doing another character for it. I would rather see a big brutish character with melee skills added to this game since that is one of the few character types this still lacks from grand chase. Anyway I only play this when I am really,really bored so it doesn’t matter too much.

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  6. da fk on July 17, 2013

    132019239254th Alright then. Enough with the values..It’s getting cliche and repetitive….

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  8. HVTI on July 17, 2013

    That’s one too many ninja turtles.

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