If you’ve never tried a foundry mission in Star Trek Online, you should. Some of them are pretty damned good. No kidding! There are some seriously talented storytellers in the STO community cranking out these missions for other players to enjoy.

That said, if you’ve never tried your hand at making a foundry mission either… now might be the time. Cryptic announced a special foundry contest today. The company has teamed up with Foundry Roundtable — a weekly podcast dedicated to foundry missions — to give a little boost to their monthly Foundry Challenge. This time, players who participate have a chance to win a T6 Infinity Promo Choice Pack, which offers the winner their choice of a T6 ship — even a new Hur’q Dreadnought.

The challenge is this: Create a foundry mission for either a Jem’Hadar or Cardassian captain. Creators can pretty much do whatever they like. The only stipulation is that the resulting mission is aimed at one of those races. Do this by September 21 and you’ll be eligible to win the ship. Easy, right?


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