Total War: Arena 2

Things have been pretty silent on the Total War: Arena front since Creative Assembly took the game offline back in early March. Today, the studio gave an update on all its TW titles, including Arena, which is getting a lot of behind-the-scenes work while it’s offline.

The changes to Arena aren’t visible to the public just yet, which include a lot of new hires to get the game into a more polished state for future testing runs:

Our free-to-play massed battle strategy game has had a big summer season of in-depth changes, feature additions and important tweaks behind the scenes. While it will remain offline for a little longer and there’s not a lot of specifics we can share yet, the team are ramping up ahead of a new phase of online testing later in the year. Most recently we’ve welcomed a considerable number of new faces to the team as production continues to increase as the game gets bigger.

There are plenty more updates for other Total War titles, including news on Total War Battles: Kingdom’s recent Viking Explorers update and an unannounced “historical” Total War title. You can read it all on the Total War site.



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