CrossfireX Update Brings With It A New Map, A New Weapon, And More

Dive underwater to avoid enemy detection in the new Search & Destroy styled map.

Aspen Pash
By Aspen Pash, News Editor Posted:

CrossfireX New Map

Smilegate Entertainment’s first person shooter, CrossfireX, has released a new content update for the game. Players will have access to a new map--Naval Base--and will have additional gameplay mechanics to enjoy like a new throwing weapon.

Players will take the fight to an abandoned military base located near the coast in this Search & Destroy styled map. The map includes additional gameplay elements like the ability to swim. Players can add new strategies to their playstyle as they can now swim through an underwater area to sneak past opponents or surprise them from behind. In addition to the new map, players can earn 10,000 GP for completing 10 matches on Naval Base.

Next, a new throwing weapon is now available. The weapon, Flashbang, when thrown, will explode with an intense flash of light that will blind all enemies within range for a brief period of time. Before use, players must unlock Flashbang in the Loadout menu for 1,000 GP. The update has also implemented changes that have been brought up by the community. The kill confirmation on the HUD after scoring a kill, assist, or headshot has been updated as well as additional time added to customize Tactical Growth loadouts prior to the start of Modern Mode matches.

Players that would like to read the full patch notes can do so on the CrossfieX site.

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OldGlory 1 year ago
last time i heard about this game, there were no positive feedback

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