How fitting that Elswords first female melee fighter will also be the first playable MMO character ever to cross-over from another MMO. Elesis -whose sister is actually Elsword herself- has slashed along her battle path all the way from Grand Chase, and has found a new home in competition with the boys and girls of Elsword.

Elesis wields the destruction of fire and steel with a fire-imbued claymore, exercising a visually dynamic list of powerful blows. She also calls upon a flame-lash that strikes with quick precision and accuracy. Unleashing a combination inferno, Elesis gets hotter by the second; the more she attacks, the more powerful she will become.

As Elesis is the protagonist character in the action brawler Grand Chase, and is plausibly the most skilled and powerful character within the game. The introduction of this “big sister” into the realm of Elsword should bring some intense results.

Eugene Kim, CEO of KOG Games, said “This is an exciting time for both games as we gear up for the launch of Grand Chase and welcome Elesis to Elsword.”

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  1. Elesis from Grand Chase and Elesis from El Sword are two completely different characters. They have similar moves and the same name, but their back-stories are completely different

  2. Someone Person on March 29, 2014

    Isn’t Elsword still harshly dominated by that damned Korean “you can only play so long before you gtfo” limitation system? Cannot be bothered to care if so 😐

    Darn failed localizations >:c

  3. Retsinis on March 28, 2014

    Ara Haan is melee, though. Who wrote this article?

  4. ZhaoYun on March 28, 2014

    Elesis hmm so pretty much like Natsu from Fairytail but the female version 😛

  5. zoren on March 27, 2014

    would care more if it was a bigger mmo that was crossing over

  6. iceykitsune on March 27, 2014

    “The first female character to enter the world of Elsword”

    No, you forgot Aisha, Rena, Eve, and Ara

    • Rukiddingme on March 28, 2014

      you forgot chung, he is a shemale but a girl inside. dont hurt her feelings

    • Fukayu on March 30, 2014

      “melee” Lmao learn how to read

      • Fukayu on March 30, 2014

        “melee fighter” I mean

  7. what on March 27, 2014

    almost cared

  8. mgamer on March 27, 2014

    Knew Elsword sister was Elesis from Elsword story