Crossout‘s latest update features the fourth horseman of the Apocalypse, Pestilence, who is clearly behind the times. This world is post-apocalyptic, so shouldn’t she already be looking for a new job?

In any case, Pestilence, a.k.a. Marina Pokrovskaya, drives a heavily armored car equipped with a flamethrower named “Remedy” — cleanse it with fire! — and is available in the latest elite pack. You’ll also get the Garage of the Four Horsemen, various cosmetic items, and a portrait of the Horseman, er, Horsewoman, er, Horsepowerwoman(?) herself.

Pestilence is just one part of the 0.10.80 update for Crossout, which also includes a new map, Chemical Plant, which features everything you’d expect in a post-apocalyptic industrial area, including rusting buildings, tanks of toxic sludge, and lots and lots of pipes.

There’s also a new “Clash of Engineers” tab which is “basically a hub of various thematic armoured car construction contests.” The current contest revolves around guessing what the fifth Horseman of the (post-)Apocalypse’s car will look like. I think they should go a different direction than the usual, and call him “Sunshine.” That’ll throw people for a loop.

To learn more about Update 0.10.80, head over to the Crossout site.


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