Even if an open beta isn’t technically a launch, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate its anniversary. That seems to be the sentiment for Gaijin Entertainment and Targem Games, which are commemorating Crossout‘s first year in open beta with freebies and bonuses.

All players can get a fireworks launcher for their vehicles by logging in between now and June 7, and you can earn earn exclusive decorative parts and decals by winning multiple matches. While you’re in game, you can check out the “Blendorama,” a special vehicle made from several of the most popular parts in the game, as well as all the improvements that have been added to the game since its “launch” last year, which include new factions, new parts and weapons, and — of course — a battle royale mode.

For some historical perspective, you can also read about the three-year history of Crossout’s testing on the game’s website.


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