Survival games aside, MMO players in 2016 don’t like losing stuff they’ve earned. Gaijin Entertainment has learned that lesson and made some changes to the beta for Crossout, removing item durability and reworking their economy to account for new, indestructible, equipment.

As detailed in today’s dev diary, destructible parts were a “bold idea” that made some sense in a post-apocalyptic, stuff-is-breaking-all-the-time setting, but it probably still rubbed some players the wrong way. The newest beta update has changed things so that parts don’t degrade, which also requires Gaijin to adjust drop rates and remove “spares.” It’ll take some time and “several iterations” to get right and, of course, “is not in the final stage and may be changed in the future.”

Note that this refers simply to item durability in your inventory and does not affect the durability of items in combat. You can still blast parts off your opponents’ vehicles — and have them blasted off yours — in battles, which is half the fun of the game. OK, maybe 75% of the fun.


  1. ya it was stupid and made it awfully even more pay to win then it already was. The game is still pay to win in every aspect.

  2. It is just a scam. You can never trust developers/publishers. All they care about is how to scam people for money


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