Are you ready for capital-A Adventure, Crossout fans? If so, then Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment have you covered, with a new mode that seems to resemble a typical MMORPG-style story and quest system.

Currently in closed beta, Adventure Mode is a “story-driven campaign, which also includes plenty of side quests and events, that can be played solo or with friends in cooperative mode.” It takes place on a large, 16-square-kilometer map, with enemies scaled based on the power of your vehicle. Participation earns you Engraved Shells, which can be used to craft special weapons and decorative components. There’s even a piece of fiction you can read on the Crossout site, if you can live with the translation.

Adventure mode is currently available for players who have purchased the “Wholesale Recall” pack. The press release we got also said you could sign up to participate in the beta by following this link, but that currently takes you to an error page. Even the beta needs a beta, it seems.

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