Ready to ride the Big Black Scorpion? Get your mind out of the gutter — it’s one of the two new game modes in Crossout‘s new Update 0.7.2, which is now live and puts players behind the wheel of an over-powered (and underarmored) rocket-powered buggy.

BBS is a brawl where every player receives an identical vehicle, loaded with a one-hit-kill weapon — with a sufficiently long reload time — and vertical thrusters on the undercarriage. It’s like Rocket League with guns and without a ball. The objective is simply to get the most kills, and the warrior who does so will be rewarded with scrap and a DIY container.

Clan Wars are the other major addition in this update, described as “Crossout’s main game mode for organized competitive gameplay.” Groups of players from the same clan can team up to participate in scheduled duels, with rewards going to the highest-rated clans at the end of each tournament. Gather your friends and rule the post-apocalyptic wasteland!

The update also adds a new map, “Two Turrets,” for Cargo Race mode, and players can also equip flags to show their allegiance to certain factions — and gain additional reputation with that faction. Finally, Crossout now supports Nvidia’s HBAO+ tech, so PC players can admire all those long shadows cast by the deteriorating husks of civilization. You can read the full patch notes on the Crossout site.


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