Crowfall Is Going Offline On November 22, Devs Will Be "Investing In And Rethinking Every Part Of The Game"

In an effort to refocus their live operations to development, game servers for Crowfall will soon go dark.

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Crowfall Update

Developer ArtCraft Entertainment will take Crowfall offline on November 22 at 11:00 a.m. Central Time "to refocus [their] efforts from live operations to development." While game servers are unavailable, the devs will be "investing in and rethinking every part of the game," including the core technology and tools, design, art, and gameplay.

ArtCraft announced the decision on the Crowfall website. While evaluating the current state of Crowfall over the past few months, the challenge of building "new campaigns" and keeping "the game running daily" has required massive development efforts that ArtCraft cannot maintain effectively.

Crowfall Update 2

With servers going dark soon, this gives them room to "map out the future of the game." ArtCraft stated they will "share the plan with the community as it shapes up."

Before November 22 rolls around, players can try out mounts, buildings, and emotes for free in the Crowfall store. Moreover, refunds will go out automatically for any purchases made 90 days before today. Players with "good standing" accounts will receive a new "free VIP" for goodies, and services like Buddy Recruits, Refer a Friend, and simply downloading the game are no longer available.

For additional information, you can view the Crowfall website to learn more.

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