Things are just a little bit creepier in Smite today as Titan Forge turns Cthulhu loose on the battlefield. The Great Dreamer update introduces the old god to the MOBA, along with his unique set of psychic abilities designed to destroy his enemies — or at least make them a hollow shell of their former selves.

Players trying out Cthulhu can expect to make use of abilities like Prey on Fear — a passive that stacks Torment with other abilities and afflicts opponents with Insanity, The Mire — summoning a growing portal that fires masses of damage dealing corruption, and Descend into Madness, in which the old god reveals his true form and sucks the battlefield into R’lyeh damaging any enemies that get caught up in it.

Also included in this update is the introduction of chapter 4 of Grim Omens, new store items, various bug fixes, and of course some really cool (or just kinda weird) skins. (I enjoy most of them but Freedom Retriever Anubis and Presidential Punisher Janus are a bit odd.) If you’d like to check them out, they can be found in the patch notes on the Smite site.

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    • It’s one of the two skins that comes with this update. I just didn’t want to use the same image I used on the last piece on this guy.


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