The most well-known of the “Old Gods” is being added to Smite. Cthulhu is currently in the works to be added to the game at a later point, with the developers doing their best to incorporate the god’s lore in the development process. As with some additions to the game’s god lineup, there is a bit of concern about adding this particular entity to the game. So, in the obligatory “Closer Look” post written for each incoming god, the developers have taken time out to address those concerns.

In addition to explaining the god’s theme, visuals, and other things considered in the normal god development process, the post also covers how a somewhat less traditional god like Cthulhu qualifies to be a god in Smite where other things might not. As it turns out, Titan Forge isn’t planning on adding every fantasy character ever created to the game.

They also took a moment to address Lovecraft and their stance on his beliefs.

As for the rest of the post, it’s your basic behind-the-scenes draft, highlighting some of the art created during the development cycle, various features such as his massive size, and how he will work within the context of the game and the other existing gods.

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