Update 0.21: Eye of the Storm is now live in Armored Warfare. The big update to My.com’s tank-battling game adds five new vehicles and a new PvP map, as well as some much requested changes to some of the game’s core concepts.

Most of the basics of the update are the same as we reported last month, with a few new details coming to the surface. The new vehicles provide unique skills as they level up, like the “Spike-LR fire-and-forget guided missile system,” which sounds totally rad. In addition to the new Waterway map, Eye of the Storm also overhauls the Roughneck and Narrows PvP map.

You can learn more about all the changes to the game with this update, including changes to the economy, shells, garage UI, graphics, and more in the blog post on the Armored Warfare site, which includes links to more in-depth articles covering the major topics.

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