Darewise Entertainment’s mysterious “Project C” got a little less mysterious today, when its proper name was announced, along with a new trailer showing off some in-game visuals and a high-level description of the game — now titled Life Beyond — from the lead designer.

Darewise’s Brad Lansford called Life Beyond a “multi-genre gameplay experience” that will offer a wide range of social gameplay options, centered around “a virtual society” that can “live and grow, build, farm, form factions, and create content for other players through community-driven updates.” The video shows off a lot of high-altitude gameplay, with ziplines aplenty, as well as offering a peek at what looks to be a bustling city, built up over time by players.

Darewise has a lot of ambitious plans for Life Beyond, and is using cutting-edge tech to achieve its goals. As listed in the game description:

Darewise is developing Life Beyond with its proprietary technology, Wiseworld, which is a tool to generate and rapidly expand large worlds, and Orchestrator, which coordinates complex ecosystems and simulation layers within Life Beyond to assure they remain fresh and interesting for players. It is also using SpatialOS in close partnership with Improbable, which enables an unprecedented level of simulation in the game world. Darewise is using a modified version of Unreal Engine 4 and building Life Beyond to be a cross-platform experience for PC, mobile, consoles and cloud gaming.

You can learn more about the game, as well as pick up its $150 Visionary Pack for early access to the game, on the newly renamed Life Beyond website.


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