Outspark is getting ready for a fight as it heads into its summer launch of its free-to-play, side-scrolling, hack ‘n slash arcade brawler, Dark Blood. The company released the first gameplay video reveal for North America and Europe as part of its Dark Blood Combat Training series showcasing the game’s classes, subclasses, bosses and dungeons. Each weekday through launch, the Dark Blood Facebook community will be treated to action-packed skill videos culminating in kill-or-be-killed PvP and Tag Matches that are sure to blow fans away.

Check out Dark Blood’s first gameplay reveal featuring the Warrior Berserker class. Get in on the Dark Blood closed beta by signing up at http://darkblood.outspark.com.


  1. Not impressed, the technology we posses and this is what (fairly big) company’s come up with ?
    sorry but this is MU online X Vindictus ONLY way this is good if its in a browser than I’m f.ing impressed.

  2. was it just me that saw the bug with the skill the boss took no dmg when he did that ultra skill or what ever it is

  3. Omg !! Finally some NICE GAME .. Just AWESOME ! I love this Style games .. No HardCore and btw nice music ) . And nice animation really , so smooth … I will Play , FOR SURE !


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