Man, reality wasted no time rushing back after the holidays to smack us in the face. Outspark announced yesterday that their side-scroller action MMO Darkblood Online would be shutting down.

The MMO will be officially closing on January 15, with the premium shop having already closed down yesterday. For those that had made any purchases in the last few months, Outspark saw fit to reimburse players with varying amounts of SparkCash depending on when purchases where made. Players can expect compensation the same day DarkBlood shuts down. You can find the full breakdown on all of this here.

Outspark assured fans that the game would seek a new publisher and preserve player’s character information until new publisher arrangements could be made. What were your opinions on the game? Let us know below.

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  1. noooooooooooooooooooooooo
    i loved dark blood online

  2. DARKBLOOD COME BACK FINALY!!!!! DO IT PLEASE! Seriously i know it would sound weird, butz i have cancer and really i want to play atleast once more with that game Please!

  3. I think it’s closed down just because of outspark… being outspark, it’s really weird that they shutdown dbo = right after releasing new class and celebrating christmas.

    Because this game is still alive in Korea(dblood.happyoz), China(db.changyou), Japan(not sure), and Indonesia(hoa.megaxus).
    I wish DBO can return again for NA or english speaker… sorry if my english is bad.

  4. Dark Blood Online now open in indonesia (INA), With different name as “heroes of atarsia” which host by megaxus indonesia, today is grand launching of HOA / DBO, many players disappointed with very short stress level (stamina) you get in one day.. so in 1 day, players may allowed to play few dungeon and then got stressed, unless you have bunch of cash (real cash) to buy stamina, and seeing this game get shut down in original country then i start wondering, should i continue to play this game.

  5. Hi, i started to play that game 15 days before it shoutdown and it was awsome…
    nice control on pvp/pve (well monsters was to easy until my 21 lvl at list :p)
    the only thing is missing was free world and custom stats that makes
    the game pure mmorpg (without ppl can c your build like many games do now)
    if u got nice brain activity you can make the best build and because someone
    alse c it c/p u…
    Last i’d like to ask why all good games shouting down? ”Client & Browser”
    this is unbelievable… only the big NCSOFT – Blizzard and other huge company’s last…
    anyway same another nice game like this closed :/

    • Yeah, but this is not the first game they’ve screwed up with and end up shutting down. DBO was pretty fun but it’s not the only game like this around. DFO has a lot of people but as with all of Nexon it’s loaded with bots and they don’t even fight them lol.

      I’d say go with rusty hearts through steam, the population is a lower but it’s not filled up with bots and it’s more updated than DFO. I mean DFO is still being updated but it’s older and the graphics are not nearly as good. If they dealt with the bots I’d still be playing, but I cannot deal with having to clear my ignore list to add new bots every day 🙁

  6. realmente me encantaba este juego no puedo crer que se fuera a la mierda. me preguntp si regresara en otro momento por que yo adoraba ese juego yo era un shooter muy bueno me gustaba matar a la gente Cren que vuelva por que ay un server de corea en este instante teniendo in cluso una clase mas aparte de la asessina

  7. hi everyone, many players get mad in closing of this game, coz this game really interesting, i admit that i like this DBO game too i reached up with this game @ level 40 i wasnt board with the game its because of duels and battling with very hard mode dungeons.. im hoping for the game will come back in the other publisher.. 🙂 … i really miss this game , i want to play this all over and over again if this game return…

  8. Outspark never gave a reason for shutting it down, it was basically “happy holidays guys, you’re the best and by the way, we’re shutting the game down next month” as they walked out the door on Friday Dec. 28th. After that they never said anything on the topic so it could have been due to just about anything.

    There’s just so many Korean F2P games coming over these days any any publisher of them I’ve tried has proven themselves to be pure crap eventually. I went into playing this game figuring it’d be my last Korean F2P game and about two weeks later the shut down announcement came. Even if the game is pretty good they just can have the fun drained out by these craptacular publishers so it’s not even worth trying as you have to know they will screw your over eventually.

  9. This was one of those games that I truly enjoyed playing and it was fun. However, The reason I think it wasn’t so popular is because it didn’t have a decent PVP System, The Bugs, The Unbearable Lag and heavily Cash shop base. A Pity it’s closing down, Oh well nothing lasts forever.

  10. why they shut down games i like? first CoH, then Glitch….and now darkblood. If you also shut down WoW ….i’ll get my hands on you publishers of crap

  11. the game wasn’t that great after all. think the time that i’ve spend to download and install it is way more then actual gameplay. the customization wasn’t good. the classes we’re lame and the actual gameplay was rubbish. if valiant shutdown i don’t even know why this one was still going. i think there was a good campaign behind it but that’s all. kinda disappointed when ive played it but there i’ve seen the outspark and remembered they had another game that was action based but sucked.(dont remember the game name right now, can someone help me with that ?)

  12. All this game had going for it that others didn’t is gore and tits. Once people got past that they found another generic grindy dungeon mmo. Novelty is not enough to keep a game alive.

  13. Wow.. This game was fun. A lot of things they could have done different but for a hack n slash it was fun.

    I liked being able to play a hack n slash with an xbox controller and still keeping the mmo values. was lots of fun killing time thats for sure.

  14. as i see it, they haven’t find a way to make this game both profitable and accessible. side scrolling/dungeon run based games aren’t that bad overall, but stamina systems and grind/content availability makes them hard to manage. and if publisher is lazy then it’s close to impossible. that kind of games will always be very repetitive and demanding from and for player base.

    as good examples for genre – long liver mapple story and, i personally think so, elsword. great examples how to run sidescrollers and dungeon run based games.

    i don’t think, that game itself failed, i think publisher failed.

    • One of the game’s that put this out was probably Rusty Hearts. Just a better game in my eye’s and PWE doe’s have a decent amount of cash to keep thier title’s alive.


      • fully agree on that. rh is wonderful game, especially soundtrack, and in asia it’s well received. but western audience has problems with not so good supporting team. but overall a good game shines even through those problems 🙂

      • The game is absolutely awesome, but PWE does nothing but slowly kill it. You can see how good is going on Korea with Windysoft and Japan with Sega, nothing to do with the lazy team of PWE making new bugs on every patch they release and ignoring almost everything the comunnity says.

  15. i’ve played WoW Guild wars GW2 diablo’s PWI FWI.. non of them were as fun as this game to me.. maybe cause i was born in the 90’s when games looked alott like this on the super nintendo/nintendo/playstation. tekken, etc. the game was so fun. its really sad to see it go. nowadays everything is trying to be a WoW clone. this game gave me a fresh new feeling, like i wasnt just playing another WoW looking type game. Side scrolling mmorpg with fully customizable skills combo’s and dyable everything to make your character feel your very own 1 of a kind fighter, with full blood and gore? not many games are this amazing.

    hope a publisher that doesn’t pussy out gets it nextime. Outspark is lame.

  16. Outspark ALWAYS does this….gets players to try their new game, establishes a mid-size strong community, then smacks em in the shit and shuts down the servers. I’ve hated Outspark ever since they shut down Secret of the Solistice so I never even tried any of their other games (including DarkBlood) Thanks Outspark for being real dickbags and confirming I made the right decision to never play a game you host again 🙂

  17. YES! Oh that feels so good! I love seeing garbage shut down fast. Now if we can find a way to have it never be launched at all… Then maybe we will get publishers that actually listen to it’s community.

  18. checked a first look at the game…didnt like it i really found it old school game and i don’t like those type of games(aka do only dungeons like this one like vindictus just don’t like that type of games)i am not suprised it shut down either with the games coming out at 2012/2013 it was only logical games like this to shut down

  19. The current F2P market is very saturated, you cant release some crap like from the year 1990s or 2000s and expect it to survive cough cough… DK online cough…. Waren Story, Elysium.
    The population that still wants to play those old school games arent alot. Unless your game is able to sustain itself on no or low profit, all the new released crap aint going to make the cut.

  20. No suprise at all. This year we seen about 10 game’s shut down.

    2013 my prediction will be double that, which game’s, I really can’t say.

    F2P is not the future of gaming,One of my reason’s is that once all the Main stream company’s all start doing it and giving us AAA quality game’s with a brand name behind them. The little company’s will suffer the wrath first.
    Once every company start’s doing it No game will be safe no matter What company or quality it is,No one is going to use a cash shop if within 1 year thier game is gone!

    To many game’s out, Not enough player’s in the world to keep them alive!



      • Pretty well, With so many title’s make’s player’s game hop Alot !

        Almost every 2 week’s during peak time’s of the year for release’s.
        On average, Most player’s will either be in the Beta test or OB, If thier not lucky enough for that.Well, All Those tester’s are on to that next title that just released.

        ( I’m not speaking for everyone of course)But the past 2 years No F2P game has been able to keep my interest longer than this time frame.Magicman had some post about us as gamer’s if we have ADD, Nope, Most people follow the crowd and us as humans always want to try the next new thing.

        So with so many title’s and game’s dropping down to below the 10% of the player base since they launched. Company’s will stop these game’s and focus on the next project to net them some money, Since that title that is almost a year old now generate’s hardly any revenue !

        Title say’s ” Free ” but in the end it really is all about how much money it is making the company.

        To be honest when was the last time you played any of these title’s since they were from beta or even spent any money in these.
        ( 2011)
        Forsaken World
        Pandora Saga
        Eden Eternal
        Realm of the mad God

        To many game’s come out last year ( 58 ) In total for Just F2P game’s How many from that list in 2011 release’s do you play..

        Scheduled and That have released for 2012 is( 75 ) F2P game’s.

        2013 you can expect roughly 100.. Sure half of those won’t be your cup of tea or mine but they still take player’s of diffrent age’s and taste’s.

        With game’s being pumped out like this not knowing when thier gonna close or If there gonna survive. I won’t ever spend another dime on a F2P mmo.



          • Yeah i mentioned it because it like Forsaken World which both i spent a fair amount of time in released at the end of the wave of game’s keeping my interest till the next wave of release’s.


        • You are right, the F2P market is saturated, and i keep hoping from game to game.
          I usually start playing a game and downloading another at the same time, and when the download is done i start playing the other while downloading another and the cycle repeats.
          And there is nothing new to the table, just WoW clones with anime graphics most of the time.Publishers, you cant expect to destroy WoW with a WoW clone.WoW is already stable, and Blizzard actually care abou the game, also, people that are playing won’t stop, since they friends are playing WoW, not WoW Clone 2.0

          You should check Extra Credits video The future of MMO, pretty usefull information 😉

    • That’s not exactly true.. besides games with AAA quality and huge brands behind them can collapse as well… khm.. SWTOR… khm…

      Your arguement seems invalid.

      • lol , I really do not count EA as a big title.. No offence to them but they should stick to Solo player game’s or The game style’s they are truely know for ( SPORTS )

        Not an arguement just my thought. EA suck’s at F2P / MMORPG


  21. Maybe if developers spent more time on making their games fun, instead of focusing so hard on making sure they sexualize the female characters as much as possible, they wouldn’t shut down so quickly.

    • 1) You must be 12, because as far as “mature” themed mmo goes; the female characters isn’t that overly sexual in design. If you think wearing bikini and having breast is sexualize then please grow up before you talk.

      2) the market is saturated with free MMO, not one of them actually stands that MUCH from the next. Maybe a few stood out because of the triple A production ti has. Otherwise, most F2P mmos are garbage anyway.

  22. I think the main thing was that this game didn’t do anything about Europe player’s “delay”, i do liked this game but delay also pushed me away from it, not forgetting stamina system and they offered to create more characters if you want to play more of this game, but it only make this reach boring phase with the same farming over and over. But if it would came out with better publisher i don’t think that i would go back to this game because seeing how many good game’s are coming out 2013 and most of them are new gen mmo’s so it’s big competition.

  23. eh dont care the game was too grindy anyway had to repeat dungeons over and over again it was like vindictus when it just launched

  24. I really didn’t expect this game to shut down. I used to play when it was first released and the starting area was full and the game has a pretty good player base. I guess Outspark just publishes games to shut down like Divine Souls.

    • That’s not true at all by any means. Aion, and Tera were both forced into the free to play market, due to bad executions on the way the publishers ran the games, but that’s beside the point. Both open world action games, (Maybe not so much Aion), and from a different point of view, they’ve both failed in just over a year.

      A game does not have to be open world based in order to do well. We could look at games such as Vindictus, which still does fairly well for itself, at least in Korea, it’s simply a dungeon/instance based game.

      I’m not sure why DarkBlood shut down, won’t even bother reading the article cause I’m not that interested in it. But it’s not due to not having an open world, that’s for sure.

        • Yes for now, but I’m sure sooner or later TERA will go f2p in Europe and US as well. It’s just a matter of time, but i honestly don’t think we’ll have to wait long for that to happen.

    • Maple Story is sidescroller so your argument is invalid. There are some other sidescrolling games that are still doing pretty well too. DarkBlood just wasn’t anything special nor was interesting enough to attract a good playerbase and income.

  25. When i saw DarkBlood i thought of DFO. I was going to play it but DFO got to me first. Kinda glad that i didnt get into this game now that it is shutting down.


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