Scavengers Studio hasn’t been idle since launching Darwin Project last month. Not only has the dev team introduced a slew of new features, but it’s also put together a roadmap for its planned progress throughout the year.

Highlighting the highlights is a class system that’s based on the kind of gear you choose in your initial loadout. Whether you select the Jet Wings, Grapple Gauntlet, or Headhunter Drone, you’ll have the ability to level up and gain new abilities as you play, as well as gear upgrades you can boost every match. Darwinium is a new resource you can harvest in the wild to upgrade gear and unlock abilities, such as those found on the new crafting wheel, which comes alongside a global UI revamp.

The best new thing to come to the game, though, in my (biased) opinion? A new inventory system that makes looting bodies easier as well as offering easy management of stacks of items.

Along with previewing the game’s new tutorial and cosmetics, the dev post on the Darwin Project site detailed the roadmap for 2020, which includes three new battle passes, new classes, the return of duo mode, the New Life City tile, and updates to the spectator interaction extension on Twitch.

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