Dauntless Brings Back An Old Behemoth, The Thunderdeep Drask

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

What's old is new again, as an old foe returns to Dauntless. The Thunderdeep Drask is back in Update 1.7.1, challenging Slayers again, and you can take it on in The Slumbering Thunder event on Cape Fury in the Hunting Grounds. Beware, though, as it's got "some new tricks up its scaled sleeves."

Speaking of sleeves, you can take your trophies from the Drask and make them into new armour -- conceivably, some that includes sleeves. In Update 1.7.0, Slayers met with Dr. Shaed Priyani who set them on a series of quests, and in 1.7.1, Xelya the Farslayer and Moyra Heigsketter will continue the chain.

New Heroic Escalations are also cycling every week on Thursday, starting with Heroic Umbral Escalation this week and moving on to Heroic Terra Escalation on July 29. Learn more about 1.7.1 and everything else Dauntless in the patch notes on the site.

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PoopityScoop 2 years ago
Remember fighting drask back in beta... Used to snipe you from across the map if you took a jump pad after it retreated.

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