Phoenix Labs recently posted a dev blog regarding the guild system in its co-op, action RPG Dauntless. While a lot of the post describes what players would expect from a guild system, it does note that this isn’t one of those games where less active players can rely on their more invested guildmates to do all the work. In fact, inactive players will have to catch up with their guildmates after a period away in order to even activate certain buffs.

It’s worth noting that these buffs are needed in order to go on hunts and must be purchased by cashing in reputation with the guild.

According to the post, the guild system is designed to make guilds something special. Therefore, players will have to put a good bit of effort forward to even start a guild (in the form of earning notes to put toward the charter) much less participate in one. That said, the developers do want to reward players with a solid guild experience. Part of their plan to do so is by giving them customizable items that will allow guilds to create their own visual identity.

Another interesting thing to note about Dauntless’ guild system is that features are being implemented for streamers that will allow them to connect with players in the game. What exactly is being done on this front hasn’t been laid out. So we’ll have to wait a while and see.

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  1. so much media about this game and the game and is far from completed, might not even be out till 2018. and why force player to invested in guildmats. to some players are in guild just be social. and in this game thay get kickt out if thay dont invested guildmats ore being active with guild. and solo players will have big problem if the guild buffs so importent u need to invest in guild progression to acive them. sound like shity idee makes me not want play this when comes out.


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