Dauntless’s Newest Patch Attempts To Fix Weapon Experience Grind With A New Quest

A rather creative and narrative-driven way to fix an issue.

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Dauntless New Patch

Phoenix Labs’ Dauntless has recently received feedback from new Slayers that have found themselves in a bit of a predicament as they are unable to progress to new islands without a significant amount of experience grinding. Well, in an attempt to fix said issue, Dauntless has introduced a series of Island Adventures at key points in the Hunting Grounds progression.

These new adventures are a part of a series of quests that can be acquired and completed all while on the island. These adventures, once completed, will reward Slayers with both rams and weapon experience; exactly what is needed to lower the grind.

It is currently planned that later down the road additional quest lines will become available after a certain number of reforges have been completed. This will create more opportunities to earn experience quickly and learn more about the Shattered Isles.

In addition, the Dire Discovery quest continues as Slayers must help Kat uncover the truth and search for signs of terra surges in the Shattered Isles. Players eager to learn more about balance changes and bug fixes can check out the official patch notes here.

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