Dauntless‘ Open Beta is set to go live today. Players wanting to hop into the open beta will be able to do so some time later today. (The game was still in maintenance the last time I checked.)

If you were already playing in closed beta, you’ll need to update. If you haven’t, you can download the client from the game’s website. Don’t worry, the client will download fine. You just can’t log in yet.

In the meantime, you can get into the spirit by checking out the Opening Cinematic released earlier this week.

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  1. LOL if you think this is the worst launch ever you never played the original conan mmo release.
    most people arent being very realistic this is an indie game launch with a dev team that is not from the major hitters the fact that they reached over a 1Million for open beta launch is unheard of that tops any FTP in history if i got my facts straight give them a chance the team was up all night making fixes and tweaking for us.

  2. I managed to get in last night, I had no issues joining hunts, or the town and… game play was really fun and addictive.

    They’ve said that the tutorial island was harder for PC’s to run than the rest of the game and that it has now been resolved – so if you had issues, it might be worth trying again! Queues are still incredibly high however, but in honesty – the company is giving better updates on reddit than i’ve seen of most new MMO’s.

    I think this is one of the next massive f2p’s, the queues certainly indicate it and, critically, the game seems good enough to support that member base.

    Give it time!

    • You may not have problems, but many others do and that will defo affect the playerbase if the majority of people can’t even run a cartoonish graphics game.

      The game clearly doesn’t run well on even decent computers and considering it’s graphics which aren’t even that great compared to other games, it should be able to run on even potatoes.

  3. There are Currently 45,808 in queue ahead of me. Estimated wait time is 60+ minutes to get in. Uninstalling.

    • Seems to be an issue with vsync right now. Run in exclusive fullscreen and turn vsync off (borderless forces v-sync regardless of your options).


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