You’ll be spending most of your time in Dauntless fighting giant Behemoths with a variety of weapons. So if you could ask Phoenix Labs for anything right now (short of access to the game), it would probably be, “Hey, could we see more videos of people fighting giant Behemoths with a variety of weapons?” And lo! Your wish is granted.

Today, Phoenix Labs uploaded a slew of fan-made videos of people fighting giant — well, you get the picture. Or the videos, in this case. There are nine of them on the playlist, though the one in Spanish appears to be duplicated. They show off a variety of weapons, from axes to hammers to kama, some with live commentary and some that’s obviously pre-recorded. And each video does just show one player taking on a Behemoth, as opposed to the four-player mayhem that the live game will employ.

Still, if you want a bunch of footage of (mostly) normal people playing Dauntless, as opposed to developer-made videos, it’s a good place to start. Dauntless heads into a Founder’s Alpha on Aug. 18, with an open beta to follow later this year.

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