Phoenix Labs has redesigned Ramsgate, the hub city for Slayers in Dauntless‘s Clear Skies update, adding new points of interest and “new structures housing Ramsgate’s denizens.” That’s a relief, so many quest-givers seemed to be homeless!

The new Ramsgate also offers unique soundscapes for the city’s various districts, and interacting with NPCs and various objects throughout the city offer up bits of lore that players can collect. There’s even a new footrace mini-game, so you can practice running for your life — always a useful skill. “I don’t have to outrun the Behemoth, I just have to outrun you.”

The re-design in this update doesn’t stop at the city; the sword weapon has also seen significant changes, with a Valour system that builds up and releases power in the form of devastating combos. New abilities for include an area-of-effect attack and mid- and long-range attacks.

Finally, the update comes with a new Hunt Pass, which offers 50 levels of rewards, including an exotic sword weapon and cosmetics “themed around the celebration of new adventures following the rebuilding of Ramsgate.” Learn more about the Clear Skies update and everything it has to offer, including bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements, on the Dauntless site.

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