Daybreak Game Company is still “100% committed for the long haul” with regards to the PlanetSide franchise, which includes PlanetSide 2, PlanetSide Arena, and, potentially, a future PlanetSide 3. That’s the word from Executive Producer Andy Sites, who penned a blog post last week to talk about the iconic series of games and where they’re heading.

PlanetSide 2 turns seven years old next month, with the overall franchise turning 17 early next year. Sites said “some key reinforcements,” including some familiar faces, have been brought on to bolster the ranks of the dev team for PS2. Meanwhile, the goal for PlanetSide Arena is to “treat Early Access as it should be,” which means a “limited phase” to help gather feedback and suggestions while the team works on other modes for the game.

For the future of PlanetSide as a whole, Sites pulled back the curtain a little bit on the notion of a sequel to the series. He called PlanetSide Arena “the stepping stone to PlanetSide 3,” which will go beyond the surface of Auraxis and feature “full-fledged galactic war with empires exploring, colonizing and conquering one another within an expansive galaxy.” While all that sounds amazing, I can’t help but be reminded the last time Daybreak called an early access game the stepping stone to another amazing game, and how that panned out.


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