Daybreak Game Company is doing a bit (or a large amount, rather) of work on game servers today, and that means bringing the servers down. Included in the work is a “large migration of [their] backend” that affects all of the games. According to a tweet posted on the EverQuest account earlier in the month, the expected downtime is 36 hours, which began at 12 AM Pacific today. Other games are not expect to take as long, as indicated by a similar tweet on the EverQuest II account, which gives a 24 hour downtime.

It also seems that some of the games will be offering players compensation for the downtime. A post on the EQII forum outlines bonuses that will be available beginning on the 22nd. These consist of Double Status and Double XP for players.

For those wondering about LotRO and DDO, they’re apparently being left out of the mix. However, LotRO’s Market will be down for about 12 hours today.


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