Daybreak Game Company has released the newest content update for DC Universe Online, the second part of the Halls of Power storyline. Heroes and villains will tangle with a heaping helping of new characters from the New Gods in a variety of new single- and multi-player adventures.

In addition to new daily solo missions on New Genesis, HoP2 adds a pair of new duo missions, a four-player operation, an eight-player operation, and an eight-player operation. Besides the uber-villain Darkseid, the main antagonist of the update is Granny Goodness, who might be grandmotherly but is most definitely not concerned with goodness.

This update also marks a major change in the loot system for the game, as summarized by Senior Creative Director Jens Andersen:

“We want to make content more meaningful to the players and give them more choices, more often. So, we made improvements to the Loot System, adding the ability to choose Rewards, and we’ve simplified Marks of Victory. And, starting later this year we will be releasing content on a monthly basis instead of quarterly.”

Hey, getting stuff more often is always good, right?


  1. “an eight-player operation and an eight-player operation” wouldn’t it be easier to type “2 8-player operations” or is operation not what it’s supposed to be? (I don’t play DCUO)

  2. Looks like they finally realized, that DCUO was an awesome idea, but they failed and now they try to save it with stuff like “monthly” content and will fail to deliver.


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