With the Playstation 4’s release less than a month away, the consoles ensemble of ported PC titles are busy sprucing themselves up for the big day. DC Universe Online seems to have realized their tight fit superhero pants seem a little saggy, and their once illustrious capes now have frayed ends. So in an effort to utilize more of the PS4’s pixel pushing power, SOE unveiled Game Update 31.

The update, which will go live on both PS4 and PC versions simultaneously, offers improved textures, lighting, and effects throughout the game. SOE offered up a video example featuring some of the improvements:

To be quiet frank, for all the praise SOE gives the graphical overhaul, the lighting seems to be the only consistent improvement. A few areas did appear to posses a bit more texture detail, but the addition of statically animated banners could hardly be considered a major overhaul. SOE has also done some underlining wire-work, improving the world’s geometry to provide an experience which doesn’t involve you falling through the floor.

For new players, or those who found DCUO’s questing to be anything but efficient, you’re in luck. Game Update 31 will also introduce an improved quest-flow for levels 1-30. Players should now find it easier to progress from one area to the next without a lack of missions, and with new content presenting itself naturally. Characters can now earn Marks of Triumph while leveling as well, expediting the process of acquiring entry level raid gear for end game raid content.

The update will be made available on the PC test server sometime this week, with the full release coming in early November alongside the launch of the PS4.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. This game gets a big nope. Too many dlcs have to be bought or you have to pay for legendary forever. And its just basically a long constant gear grind.

    • Look up dummy, Legendary is completely unneeded the dlc are only needed to get to T4 faster than most, however I must agree the gear grinding is kinda annoying but was worth it for me anyway, its a really good game to play with friends.(if you have friends)

  2. missions and physical level was NEVER the problem the problem with this game is the massive amount of grinding that needs to be done to gain 1 point of Combat Rating which is required to unlock new content… seriously 3 years to get to the next set of gear is too long… they are crazy.

  3. “Game Update 31 will also introduce an improved quest-flow for levels 1-30. Players should now find it easier to progress from one area to the next without a lack of missions..”

    ..Lack of missions? What?

    I’ve raised over 16 characters spread across hero and villain and not once have I ever had a moment where I was without missions. If you’re without any missions to do, you are doing it wrong. Seriously, people are having issues like this? My god..smh.

  4. I don’t think it change a whole a lot of things the only thing that changes in the graphics are mostly the details it just got more details to it and the game is not completely F2P it’s P2W you have to buy a DLC in ps3 in order to fully get all the gears and stuff plus you also have to be subscriber… I really don’t recommend playing this game to most of my friends I rather play champions online or Marvel which is way much better than DCUO its completely F2P unlike DCUO subscribe to fully enjoy the game screw them!

    • The dlc just lets you play more of the game, not really P2W just to extend fun because lets be real here, the gadget class if best for PvP

    • To many people on this site always use “P2W” garbage to criticize MMOs. Most don’t even know what P2W actually is. Do you clowns really believe MMOs will survive without making any money on something? Huge MMOs aren’t going to survive long selling costumes. They sell expansions, content, and other game enhancing that have nothing to do with P2W. I’ve seen some cartoons complain because you had to pay for an expansion and claimed the company was making a P2W game.

      If a game creates and unfair advantage over another player, that’s P2W. If you have to buy and expansion or be a subscriber to live all the content, that’s just business.

    • the main reason that i give up on this game is cuz it was so …pushy on letting u know that u have to invest money in it. all good things are locked and u can’t open them without real life money. i don’t invest money in games, but for this one i was willing to pay the subscription. but cuz they had such aggressive p2w policy i had to let it go. it even left a bad taste in my mouth


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