PvP players in DC Universe Online have had the PvP Legends mode available for a while now. Sony Online Entertainment is now letting PvE players jump into a Legends experience of their own. Legends PvE mode allows potential heroes to take their favorite unlocked characters into PvE centric story instances. All unlocked heroes are availbe to be used in these modes provided a character does not appear in the instance as part of the content. In those cases, certain heroes may be unavailable for use.

Starting with the instanced South Gotham Courthouse Alert, Sony Online Entertainment will be releasing new event instances on an “almost monthly” schedule. Legends PvE rewards players with Marks of Legend (1 drops for each boss). Members can use these marks to unlock heroes for the “Legends” mode if they wish, but you’ll only be unlocking heroes for that specific character of yours. Purchasing the Legends heroes still unlocks them across all of your characters.

Deathstroke has been added to the Legends roster in this update as well.

Head on over to the DC Universe Online forums to check out all of the changes this update brings including a Combat HUD update, any changes made to specific powers, and details on DCUO’s holiday events.

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