In his Producer’s Letter from the end of May, Dungeons & Dragons Online Executive Producer Robert “Severlin” Ciccolini briefed fans on a few details that his development team would like to bring to the 10-year-old MMO. The tiefling and aasimar races were brought up as being possible but “fairly far into the future.”

Today, Serverlin got into a little more detail about DDO’s future, this time stretching only to the end of next year, when he dropped this teaser on the DDO forums:

“We are planning out the future of DDO in years, and discussing the possibility of an expansion near the end of 2017. Cool things are coming.”

Besides an expansion and new races, the “cool things” Severlin refers to probably also include the Assault on the Slave Lords update and improvements to Cannith Crafting, which he references earlier in the forum thread.

Whatever the exact plans are, it’s a comforting thought to see Turbine is apparently still invested in Dungeons & Dragons Online for several years to come. That should allay at least a few fears that the company’s MMOs would be scrapped as it transitions to a “free-to-play, mobile development studio.” Now, if we could just hear some positive news about the Lord of the Rings Online license…


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