Dungeons & Dragons Online Producer Severlin dropped a Producer’s Letter today — and then the DDO website dropped off the face of the Earth due to some work being done on the game’s data centers. Never fear, though, because the intrepid fans at DDO Players got the letter and posted it in full, along with their thoughts for all to see.

In addition to the Masterminds of Sharn expansion, which was announced last week, the big news is that there’s another new class on the horizon, coming in Update 44. Before that will be Update 43, which includes an adventure pack that will be free to VIPs and Season Pass holders (but remember, you’ll need to pay for the expansion).

After Update 44 comes — you guessed it — Update 45, which will offer classic D&D module Keep on the Borderlands in an adventure pack for low-level characters and additional content for higher-level ones. Other content planned for the year include work on Epic Destinies and a new racial variant.

Oh, and you have to admire the poke at the end of Severlin’s letter, where he calls DDO “the most authentic Dungeons & Dragons experience in video gaming.” Never would I, Jason Winter, think that could be a subtle jab at a competing title!


  1. It may be a jab, but it’s not wrong from the standpoint of comparing tabletop character building to the two online iterations.


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