Dungeons & Dragons Online and The Lord of the Rings Online were nigh-unplayable for the better part of two weeks. Standing Stone Games had already announced some compensation to all players of both games earlier this week, with promises for additional compensation to VIP players to come later. That was announced today, and some players aren’t too happy with the results.

LotRO VIPs will be receiving five additional days of premium time and 250 LotRO Points. If you think that’s a meager recompense, DDO VIPs get barely half that: just two added days of premium time and 150 DDO Points. LotRO players in the Twitter thread are voicing their displeasure, though it’s oddly more quiet in the DDO Twitter thread, at least as of now, about half an hour after the announcement.

It was hard to keep up with exactly how often the servers were up or down or slow or whatever, so maybe things weren’t quite bad enough to warrant larger compensation. And the last time the games were unavailable for an extended period of time, all players got were a few items, and no additional VIP time. (Low-key prediction: I closed that article by saying that the games “Better make sure not to have any major issues until 2020.”) Still, if I was paying for my VIP time, I think I’d be a little upset about not getting more of it back, too.


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