Dead By Daylight Leaker Claims Leatherface Will Be Removed From The Game Soon Due To Expiring License

A rumor suggests Leatherface's appearance in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game is the culprit.

Anthony Jones
By Anthony Jones, News Editor Posted:

Leatherface Leaving

A fast-growing rumor from the Dead by Daylight community is that Leatherface will be removed from the game soon due to an expiring character license. The rumor suggests that the incoming release of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, which puts the Killer front and center, is the culprit.

From the reputable DbDLeaks Discord, a moderator claims Leatherface's license will end soon. According to them, Behaviour Interactive has shown no signs of renewing the character license, further fueling speculations. While not confirmed by the developer or publisher of Dead by Daylight, the rumorer also claims that because Leatherface is debuting in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre by Gun Media Holdings, the Killer will get removed.

It makes sense, considering the release of Gun's game aims to launch in late 2023. Gun even released mocap work featuring Kane Hodder as Leatherface and the other killer "Family" cast, so marketing/updates for the chainsaw slaughter's title are alive and well. Behaviour might address the rumor, but who can say?

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