Dead By Daylight Will Get New Survivor Activity HUD, Wiggle Mechanics, And Other QoL Updates In Upcoming Patch

The patch will also change certain Killers and the Eyrie of Crows map.

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DBD Developer Update

After a restful holiday season, Behaviour Interactive is back with another Developer Update for January, which reveals many quality-of-life improvements coming for Dead by Daylight later this month. At the forefront is the long-awaited Survivor activity HUD to show vital information between teammates, a few updates to wiggle mechanics, changes to specific Killers, a revamped Eyrie of Crows, and plenty more.

The new Survivor activity HUD was shared as an early system last year to help "bridge the gap between solo Survivors and premade groups." The devs stated players responded positively to the feature, which is now getting prepped for release later this month in Update 6.5.0.

When it goes live, each Survivor will display their current action, whether repairing a generator or searching a chest, to provide vital information to their teammates. Behaviour also will add a new indicator to signify that a Survivor is in a chase via a small set of Entity claws around their portrait. Additionally, a Survivor will have a unique health state when carried by the Killer.

The updated wiggle system debuted during the beta tab last year has been tweaked with a few changes after Behaviour received feedback and will fully integrate it into the game soon. One of those changes involves removing faster wiggle profession from great skill checks. They've also added a new sound for non-attempts, and soon Decisive Strike will have a 0.5-second delay before wiggle skill checks appear.

The Nurse and The Knight will see changes in the upcoming patch. For The Nurse, her blink attacks will become special attacks, meaning they won't activate basic attack perks like Starstruck, Hex, and others. Survivors will also hear a new sound cue when she has fully regenerated all her blink charges.

Dead by Daylight Leatherface

The Knight's orb that Survivors see when the Killer creates a path will soon shrink with distance, eventually disappearing and making it harder for Survivors to avoid a guard. Other changes include The Knight gaining the Haste status effect for creating a path longer than ten meters and faster guards depending on path length.

Another significant addition coming is a revamped Eyrie of Crows. Behaviour reported players felt the map was "Survivor-sided" and has created a solution. The map will change shapes, shifting from its long rectangle to roughly a square size to allow Killers to patrol generators more easily. Moreover, maze tiles will move away from the main building and shack to make combing them into better loops harder.

You can learn more about other QoL changes on the Dead by Daylight website!

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