Defiance (2013 Version) Xbox 360 Support Is Coming To An End

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

This news probably won't affect too many players. But, if you are one of those still playing the original Defiance on Xbox 360, we have some bad news. Gamigo announced today that as the console has aged quite a bit, it's become "impossible to properly sustain the game."

This doesn't mean that 360 players are left completely out in the cold, however. As there is another Defiance game, the developer is offering players a chance to transfer into Defiance 2050 and keep a good amount of the items they've acquired in the older game in the process. A full list of all transferable items is included in the closure announcement on the Defiance site.

In addition to ensuring players can transfer a good amount of stuff, gamigo will also be awarding players Valor Commendations based on their Pursiut Progress and whatever purchases they've made. There will also be a 100% XP and Reputation Boost beginning Monday, May 25. This is the same date the 2013 Xbox 360 servers will be closed for good.

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