Defiance Cancels Server Compensation Days After Announcing It


Okay guys, we have a bit of a strange one for you. And, yes, this isn’t the newest of news, but it is odd and it doesn’t appear to have been widely distributed by the Defiance developers. In fact, the only place they appear to have posted it is on the game’s site. No social media.

So here’s the deal. On December 14 the Defiance / Defiance 2050 team announced server compensation for extended downtime and technical issues that were the result of changes being implemented. Apparently, these changes had the largest impact on PS3 players. So, to make up for the problems, they decided to compensate players by gifting them with a pack for either Defiance 2050 or classic Defiance, provided the player logged into the game any time between the 14th and the end of the year.

Three days later, on December 17, that changed. On that day the dev team announced that compensation had come to an end. Or, rather that it had “been stopped due to abuse.” We’re not sure exactly what said abuse is, but the notice reads a bit like someone had just had enough as it went on to add, “Please consider that we are all sitting on a tiny rock, floating in space. We’re all in this together and there is no place to obtain a competitive advantage over other players through prohibited actions and being inconsistent with the ‘spirit of the Defiance.'” The post also reminded players that any abuse can lead to account suspension or termination.

No statement was made as to exactly what the abuse consisted of beyond the “prohibited actions” bit. But, it’s a pretty safe bet that the actions of a few ruined things for everyone else.


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