It’s time to go hunting in Defiance and Defiance 2050, and gamigo has a specially crafted shotgun for you. From now until Dec. 7, Ark Hunters can take on Arkfalls throughout the world to assemble the Poultromancer prototype weapon, perfect for hunting hellbugs or whatever else looks tasty to you. You’ll need to complete 20 major Arkfalls and five minor ones to get the gun — unless you think grinding all that for one weapon makes you the turkey.

The New Frontier Harvest (in classic Defiance) and Reap the Harvest events are also in full swing, the latter of which awards the “Depravity” sludge rocket launcher and “Glutton” title. gamigo is also promising “quite possibly the biggest sale you’ve ever seen” in the days to come, which I guess means that Black Friday survived the apocalypse. Yay?

Learn more about both games’ special Thanksgiving events on the Defiance site.

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