Destiny 2 Gets More Legendary Universal Ornaments As Bungie Irons Out Technical Issues In-Game

For any huge pirate fans digging the Season of Plunder soundtrack, you can get it for free now.

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Destiny 2 Weekly Update

Another week of the usual Bungie dev blog is back today to share recent going-ons from the team, but this time it's a bit on the lighter side for Destiny 2. The post features the new legendary universal ornaments in-game, updates to known issues with more on the way, and even a Season of Plunder soundtrack for the pirate lovers.

Bungie has added a few more legendary ornaments into the mix that pairs with a chosen exotic piece for Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters on the Eververse store. The "Doom Fang Plate" is exclusive to Titans, "Robes of Nezarec" for Warlocks, and Hunters can pick up the "Vest of Orpheus." Players frustrated with the bug that canceled out the unique visual effects when wearing an exotic and legendary ornament can finally rest easy since Bungie resolved the issue. Now, fans can coordinate their look with all of the dazzling effects.

Destiny 2 Weekly Blog

As the cosmetics make their way into the game today, the Player Support team at Bungie has previewed some hotfixes that address technical issues in-game. PlayStation 4 crashing at the title screen after pre-ordering Lightfall, a 120Hz refresh rate option missing on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and Seismic Strike moving the camera from third to first-person view were issues fixed.

The devs are investigating an early match quit pop-up from the Crucible post-match screen. Furthermore, issues like players getting killed activating the bells in Duality and The Queen's Wrath perk working inconsistently on specific PvP maps are still at large.

Outside of game updates, Destiny 2 players vibing along with the Season of Plunder soundtrack can grab it for free on the Bungie Store. However, you will have to play through the Salvage and Salvation mission started from the H.E.L.M. and have your account tied to the Bungie Store to get the soundtrack. Additional merchandise is available for interested fans on the Bungie Store, which you can read about on the weekly blog.

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