Over the past week, several video game companies have made statements regarding the recent Black Lives Matter protests. One of those companies was Warframe developer Digital Extremes who posted a statement of support on Monday. Since then, they’ve done a bit more and announced via Twitter that not only have they donated $25,000 to support Black Lives Matter but that they’ll be making changes to the game’s players systems to combat hate speech and racism. Whatever changes they are planning will also include “zero-tolerance chat policies”.

The company also cancelled this week’s community team-led streams in order to use the time to work on the above mentioned changes — focusing mostly on Region chat. More information on this is available on the the Warframe forums.

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      • Dat so?
        Well to me it felt like suddenly only black lives mattered to everyone, what’s with how often i see this slogan everywhere these days. Heh.
        Maybe they need to modify it a little.

      • No one needed to say “Only” Black Lives matter. It’s in the wording itself. Hence the “Black”. They should of went with ALL lives matter. But they don’t care either way. Because BLM are just a bunch of imbeciles, pawns and hypocrites on so many levels.

        Because if you don’t blindly follow them. And if you ask too many questions or challenge their beliefs with those questions. They get emotional and then. They will shun you, belittle you and shout their kindergarten chants over you.

  1. lol the dude was a crim , you do crime you get the results … no sympathy at all! as for looters , if its marshal law , shoot on sight. Nothing new from ulta woke DE pushing the agenda as per

    • 1. Citation needed
      2. The crime is not equal to the punishment of the officer nonchalantly choking him to death with his knee
      3. It’s curfew, not martial law. And it doesn’t justify police indiscriminately beating people who break curfew, especially when there are homeless people and people who work beyond curfew hours that are just trying to get home.

  2. Why don’t they add a looting system to their store so everyone can loot everything instead of buying it? In support of BlackLivesMatter? Because that’s ridiculous rite? Exactly.

    • BLM protests were “hijacked”. Yet no matter how peaceful those “protests” were. Police Officers that had nothing to do with George Floyd’s death. And probably protect and serve the very same people everyday. Were getting screamed at in their faces by “peaceful protestors”.

      Apex Legends is also taking part in this “combat”. I guess we are at war since we are using words you would use during a war. Hey has anyone told COVID-19 that Black Lives Matter?

  3. i’m close to 6k missions played, so i probably got teamed up with about 15k players or so and i could probably count the instances of hate speech and racism on my fingers. I’ll just assume that hate speech and racism happens more in region chat (since they mentioned they’re gonna focus on that), although personally when i check region chat is almost always people asking for info or help since this is a type of game where you always need to have the wiki ready in alt-tab.
    It’s always good to combat toxicity, but i don’t get the urgency since i see nothing like that in Warframe.

    • They are grand standing and trying to win Virtue points to get people to play their game. It’s called Virtue Signaling. It’s disingeniueous. It’s like the person on social media taking a picture of themself doing hardwork for the poor but leaves after the photo is taken.

      • Yeah that’s exactly it, it’s disgusting. But to be honest, i don’t care about what the devs or publishers say or do, if the game is good that’s all that matters to me.


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