One might think that a game that’s been around as long as Dota 2 would already have a tutorial. Maybe it wouldn’t have launched with one, but surely a company like Valve would be able to put together something at some point, right?

Obviously, that hasn’t happened, so it’s probably a good thing the game’s community decided to come up with something. Interestingly, it seems the community’s motivation to build a tutorial stems from the belief that the upcoming Dota 2 anime on Netflix might create an influx of new players, all in need of a bit of help if they’d like to be able to compete with the game’s existing community.

Their solution was to create a custom game mode that helps get these new players accustomed to the game. To achieve this, they even set up an indigogo project that to date has brought in $29,418. The goal wasn’t to make an “official tutorial” but instead create something that can be used with the current patch and map, teaching new players current game mechanics — and make sure it’s available to the potential new players arriving on the Netflix anime wave.

They do note there are limitations to this project. This isn’t something that will be maintained. Even more of an issue at present is the fact that Dota 2 requires players to play at least 30 regular games before they can even access a custom mode. This means that unless the tutorial creators are successful at convincing Valve to drop this requirement for them, new players won’t benefit from having a tutorial up front.

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