DOTA 2‘s matchmaking is not what it could be, and Valve is aware of that. So, they’ve decided to begin testing some changes. In a recent post, the DOTA 2 team addressed the fact that they’ll be spending the rest of the year focusing on the different aspects of the game’s matchmaking system in an effort to make it better and more fun for players. In particular, they want to create a system that makes it worthwhile for players to team up with friends rather than going it alone.

The post notes “engineering changes” made to the “core matchmaking system” in a recent update that will allow for bigger adjustments down the line.

The update includes the first set of real changes to the system — although they will be temporary as the developers want to test them out rather than just drop them on the players and make them live with them forever. The first thing they’re testing out deals with Solo and Party MMRs — or rather tying them together. They’ve looked at a lot of factors while working on this, including player comfort levels when it comes to playing specific roles.

The experiment is set to run for the entire current season, so any players interested in seeing how it works — and leaving their thoughts for the devs — can do so. Those wanting more information on the changes and what the devs hope to achieve can find all of that in the post on the DOTA 2 blog.

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