DOTA 2 will be free to play, according to Valve boss Gabe Newell. In an interview on the podcast, Seven Day Cooldown, Gaben himself said Valve’s upcoming take on the MOBA genre will indeed be free to play, but with a twist!

He didn’t offer specifics as to exactly how it will work when the game launches, but hinted that players who are “valuable” to the community might get some kind of special treatment. When prodded over what kind of twists players can expect, Newell said:

“The issue that we’re struggling with quite a bit is something I’ve kind of talked about before, which is how do you properly value people’s contributions to a community?

“We’re trying to figure out ways so that people who are more valuable to everybody else [are] recognized and accommodated. We all know people where if they’re playing we want to play, and there are other people where if they’re playing we would [rather] be on the other side of the planet.

“It’s just a question of coming up with mechanisms that recognize and reward people who are doing things that are valuable to other groups of people.”

There’s still no word on exactly when DOTA 2 will be available, though it is expected out some time this year.


  1. Yikes, most of you guys really don’t have any idea of what you guys are talking about. Considering Icefrog being the lead designer(and he’s all for the community), the definition of “Free to play” is that the cash shop will do no more than being for cosmetic items. As Dota lacks the mastery tree and rune system of League of Legends, there’s no way even Valve can sneak in a way to force you to buy extra benefits outside of the game. That’s always has been the rule with the DotA games. Once the game starts, everyone begins at scratch, and with the same advantage/dissadvantage.

    • Really hope that this is the case and that we get all heroes unlocked. Because if we need to lock up every hero, the game have become p2w.

  2. Lawl at LoL being too easy and DoTA2 being harder you must play in low ELO. Quit misinforming people about skill level if you get good at the game and play High ELO then you’ll see the difference. DoTA was pretty epic and felt it was pretty easy once you got the hang of it.

  3. i plyed both dota and hon for years. theyre pretty much the same so i dont have problems with both of them and i just recievd my invite form valve this last march. so i play them them both evryday, hon on morning and dota2 on afternoon.

  4. Prepare yourselves, I can predict what will come out of this already.


    and that’s how DotA2 will work.

    • I will definitely give Dota2 a try, but as a f2p gamer and as a LoL player for over 18 months, i do not see why i would change an awesome, truly free to play game (where those that pay have only cosmetic stuff that i cant access), for a awesome pay to win game.
      I do not see Dota2 as a threat to the other moba’s out there, and definitely not a threat to LoL.

      • Play the first DoTA. You’ll be surprised how much more challenging this game is than LoL. Trust me. I’ve been playing DoTA since I was 13, (stopped for somewhile due to school) but after that I’ve been playing both LoL and DoTA. I gotta say DoTA is harder.

        • What made you think i did not played DoTA? I still have it on my HDD. That still wouldn’t explain why i would change from a f2p game to a p2w game. If they will make Dota2 a true f2p game, maybe that would change my mind. But until then im gonna stay into my f2p games that know how to make money, without forcing you’re hand to buy from them to actually enjoy the game.

        • How so? Why is DoTA more challenging then LoL… It all depends on the people you play with and against … It cant be challenging if you play against a team of morons that make battlefurry for ranged classes or cant even position a spell decently …. Same goes for LoL … if you cant play its gonna be hard!

      • DotA created the moba genre. LoL should definitely be threatened. Oh wait! People like to play severely simple games so LoL should be fine…

    • From what we saw from the “hacked” information that was obtained and posted on the internet it really looks like its going too be outright unplayable for non-paying users.

  5. Don’t worry DoTa 2 already has an entire cash shop that has been leaked a long time ago. So if you expect pay too win you won’t be surprised.

    • Um… don’t know about you but “Dota 2’s” system doesn’t allow pay 2 win features. Do you see HoN have a feature like that? I think only LoL makes p2w possible due to its metagaming personality.

      • WTF? srsly lol p2w? they only sell skins (dont affect ingame) and exp and ip boosts (ip=ingame currency)? so yeaa p2w troll

        • Oh no ,I am Nyar and a I’m a buthurt LoL fan,at least dota let’s you play all the heroes if you want to try them out, not the stupid model like in LoL where you have to pay for all the heroes or play like a chinese farmer to get them all. K10xbai!

        • So ,afterall ,who is the more greedy company now Nyar? Riot, or the probably the greatest company in both PC gaming and gaming history,Valve? If this game were to be made by blizzard( who are now butthurt cause they didnt put the copyrights when they had to on the game and are now whining bitches) it would have costed at least 30$

        • Yes LoL is mainly pay 2 win … You cant win against someone with max lvl runes when you have 1-2… Lets see how it goes … you start the game with 50-60 dmg … he starts with 130 and 1k health … Jumps on you at tower and kills you both on lvl 1… Same repeats over and over until you leave or surrender. Believe me i had experience with max lvl players (im only lvl 20) with maxed hp and dmg runes. And we lost pretty badly. To win vs such ppl you have to be either very very very skilled to out play someone who’s 2 times fatter then you or that guy must be a total moron… Cheers

  6. hmmm this is realy smart of valve… look it this way what is a better way to promote a 3’rd game then making the 2’nd free? i think they are doing this because they want you to buy and play the 3’rd game

  7. I’m really disappointed to this game, it sucks. First dota was 2x better. Haven’t played this more then twice since christmas.

    • How so? Both the original DoTA and DoTA 2 is still the same. The game mechanics, denial system, everything on how you play is still the same. Only the shop system is re-organized. What makes you feel disappointed?

  8. Eh, I play LoL a LOT more than DotA2, I do have beta access and personally I prefer LoL DotA2 takes a combo or 2 and you are f***. Enjoy running back to your base and getting health if you are lucky enough to get away, or spending your money on ports every time if you can afford it. LoL is definitely much better than DotA2 in my opinion. You are free to your’s, that is just my 2 cents ^^

    • Waw .. I played Dota (icefrog), LoL, Savage series, HoN, Bloodline champions and all i can say is that all of them have + and – … LoL has nubz like HoN (whole loads of them). Dota has them too but not that many and believe me … i’ve been playing dota since 3.xx version. Unfortunately right now i cant play anything because the ventilation of my laptop is dusted and it overheats and turns of if i play something for more then 15-20 min. If i didnt have that problem i’d go back to Bloodline Champions. It is faster paced and is based purely on skill.

      I missed out the beta key giveaway for smashmuck champions … rly wanted to try it out


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