Popular browser MMORPG Dragon Awaken just celebrated its fourth birthday, and like any video game birthday boy/girl/dragon, it’s handing out presents.

You can get a “glorious title” simply for logging in, and there are other prizes to be had for three- and seven-day consecutive logins. You can also finish special missions to receive “valuable rewards” or start your adventures on a new server to receive some free Amber, a new premium currency that came with the recent 3.6 update, which also adds a new fashion suit, the Wisdom Mage, and a new mount, the Quirky Planet.

If actually doing quests sounds like too much work, then you can simply redeem the code GLORYRETURNCODEn for a special gift (not GLORYRETURNCODE1 as mentioned below).

Learn more about the 3.6 update on the Dragon Awaken website and Facebook page.

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