Imagine Dead By Daylight Meets DB, Yeah, It's Like That: Dragon Ball: The Breakers Launches Today

Will you be a Raider, or are you destined to survive their powerful attacks?

Aspen Pash
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Dragon Ball The Breakers

The battle is on, Dragon Ball: The Breakers is now available on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Steam. Play in a team of 7 ordinary citizens and do your best to survive the Raider (a classic Dragon Ball rival such as Cell, Frieza, and Buu), who will hunt the survivors down all the while evolving during the game into an unstoppable force.

Players can either cooperate with others or try to survive on their own. The large maps will be composed of several areas, but as the game progresses the Raiders may destroy areas to reduce the space at a survivor's disposal, making escaping much more difficult. Players are not limited to the survival role, but can also play as a Raider as they enjoy an overwhelming amount of power to hunt and wipe out Survivors. Players can master each Raider's unique abilities to track and catch victims to evolve and become even more powerful.

To enjoy Dragon Ball: The Breakers players will need a stable internet connection as the game is a multiplayer title that is mainly played through online matches. The only single-player modes are the tutorial and the Practice Mode. Check out the game's Twitter to see when the game launches in your region.

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