Queue up the Pokemon theme, because in just a little over a week players will be able to fight, capture and train over 300 unique dragons during the Dragon’s Prophet open beta. Both SOE (NA) and Infernum (EU) the regional publishers of Dragon’s Prophet announced the MMO would be headed into Open beta starting on May 30th.

To celebrate, the publishers have dissolved the NDA, allowing everyone to capture and share gameplay of the MMO and giving me an excuse to record a First Look (which I’ll get to sometime later today).

A new trailer has also been released with plenty of appropriately themed music and shots of dragons with their trainers doing dragony things. Personally, I prefer to mute the trailer and play the Pokemon theme over it instead, it goes surprisingly well.

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  1. Unless the open beta lasts at least 6 months and they work like crazy to fix the bugs, launching into open beta is suicide. The cutscene is saying different things from the subtitles, besides being extremely bad. The tutorial is one of the worst in any game. for example it tells you to press the ~ button to mount your dragon, but if you press that button a fast travel thingy opens up. You actually have to press ~ then tab. Also for some reason when in combat your dragon is smaller than when you ride it.
    The way you ‘tame’ your dragon is a joke. You have to keep a thingy in between a circle to tame it so that your red meter grows, but for some reason the dragon’s yellow meter grows as well even if you keep it in the circle, so it’s a game of luck really, and it makes it even harder since it very often it lags or skips frames and you find that your dot thingy is out of the circle.
    The combat is really bad, the game skips frames or lags and many times the attacks don’t appear so you don’t get the damage you should get. The combo system doesn’t work. For example you if you press the basic attack it changes your special attack, if you press it again it changes it again. But if you press basic basic special, it takes the game 1 second to realize what button you pressed, wasting precious time and leaving you open for enemy attacks.
    The writing in the game is not completed. Many NPC have the name sys_124sdf25h42214 or something like that.
    Finally it seems like at least in the European server the forums that say anything bad about the game are deleted. There should have been hundreds of them, yet you can find only a few and they are either about voting for what dragon types you want in the game or a forum praising the game for being good, and in reality you can see that it is really bad as many people above me have pointed out.
    What am I trying to point out? Buy Monster Hunter, It’s thousands of times better, Dragon’s Prophet is more useless than the dung in Monster Hunter.

  2. that ROCKED! seriously, having the theme from pokemon over the beta vid made waaaaaay more sense than it’s actual music 😀

    and now for the game: took me 4h to get to lvl 12. there are 3 very important things this game is lacking: a friendly community, bug fixes and complete translation. if it gets released, even into OB (though something tells me they either plan a retail release or a more vast p2w cash shop considering the so-called legendary starter packs), without those issues being addressed, don’t even bother trying. u’ll be disappointed beyond tears. as for those above that said u need to pay for 298 dragons while being able to catch only 2, i got this to say: what game have you been playing? i had 3 dragons at lvl 10… and as far as i managed to see, by the time u hit 20, u can have about 10 dragons or so, provided u pay for the extra slots since u can only have 2 with u and 3 in the dragon bank (idiotic name but meh…). u guys should seriously try out a game properly before you start with your senseless bashing.

  3. i like DP, but this game is still extremely buggy, releasing it in its current state is just suicide – it needs at the very least half year until obt (no joke!)

  4. Don’t flame me for saying this, but SOE is probably my favorite F2P publisher.

    I haven’t had any beta experience like those above, but I also think that saying ‘they can’t fix it in time’ just speculation– and I have faith in the dev’s…at least as long as Sony is holding the whip.

    • Sony is the worst publisher in my opinion. Removed STar Wars for a crap version. REleased bullet run and yanked it because the P2W mechanics were a turn off. PS2 is a joke and the community of PS1 all returned LOL. DConline is more stale than the crust in my underwear…Etc. And all that is P2continue or win. NO thanks. Ill stick to my preferred publishers 😉

  5. I was afraid of this…the game isn’t ready yet at all. Personally, I feel this will end badly, I don’t think it will kill the game outright, but it will cause it great harm over a long-term period if nothing else.

  6. Agreed with the above posters, game is way too “unfinished” to be anything near open beta. Needs a lot more refinement, and I mean a LOT.

  7. I was so hyped about this game, but after playing closed beta… no, this game is just soo poor, it works like alpha version of game made 4 years ago, shame

      • Agree completely. They are rushing this and will end up losing potential players over a failed/buggy launch IMO. Only thing I would add that statement is that it doesn’t even feel beta worthy to me comparing to todays standard beta. Also they really make the trailers look alot better than the game actually looks and feels when playing it.

    • This game was not even ready for closed beta let alone open beta. 90% of the text elements of this game are broken. All of the character stats are still using their reference name, things like your stats saying Character_Attribute_Strength instead of saying strength or “mysterious voices” for some reason having the name SYS_12389u79812 floating above the text.

      All of the text in the game is full of typos, about half of the subtitles say something different from the audio and the gameplay is about as deep as a koi pond. Having played all the classes I just found myself mashing buttons until I was out of sp and winning battle because of it. (Think FORGE the MMO)

      As for characters, they spent so much time making sure women’s boobs are perfectly modeled that they forgot to animate them, or at least move the women’s chests in animations.(Sounds perverse? Try playing a female archer, it looks like their spine is broken because their chest is pushed so far out as to maximize bewbage) Don’t even get me started on the cutscene animations or even how your character mounts the dragon. Your dragon magically grows to fit your character when you mount it, and when you mount it, you do a double front flip through the air with your head landing on the dragon then magically appear in the correct position.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this shouldn’t even be closed beta yet, it should be pre-ALPHA at best. Don’t support SOE on this one, this game is not ready for the light of day.

      • Yea, when i got in the “beta” I assumed it was going to be a beta but as you said everything was alpha/pre-alpha like with sys names and stuff. SOE is shooting themselves in the foot by allowing a beta this early in development, making fan’s views on the game quite negative before SOE even got most of the game implemented correctly.


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