Dreadnought Increases Match Size From 5v5 To 8v8



Grey Box continues to make changes to the core gameplay of Dreadnought. After heavily revamping the progression system two months ago, the dev team is making even more drastic changes to the most fundamental aspect of PvP matches: team size.

To this point, Dreadnought matches have pitted teams of five against each other, but after the success of the eight-player PvE Onslaught mode, all matches, including PvP matches, will be 8v8. As Game Director Peter Holzapfel explains, going 8v8 allows for more “small group” strategies and makes it easier on new players, who don’t carry as much of a burden for the team’s performance. Future game modes may still require differently sized teams.

Squad sizes will also be reduced from three, making it less likely to be pitted against a pre-set full team in matchmaking, and the dev team is “investigating other options that give players more control over the setup of specific matches.” You can read the full dev blog on the Dreadnought site.


  1. I don’t play this game but this idea makes sense I guess. Idk how it was before but since I would be considered a new player since I never played before I guess it makes sense.


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